Buffet Dinner Sample Menu

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Buffet Dinner

Meat Options:

• Brown sugar, orange and cardamom-glazed ham served with cranberry sauce and grainy mustard

• Roasted aged Scotch Fillet served with horseradish cream

• Roasted chicken thighs stuffed with apricots, nuts and spices, wrapped in bacon and served with an apricot sauce.

• Lightly spiced butterflied lamb served with pomegranate and mint yoghurt

• Soy and maple-baked salmon chunks on skewers served with:

  – Gourmet baby potatoes, butter and fresh herbs
  – Fresh bread rolls and artisan breads with butter





• Bacon, broccoli and red capsicum salad with feta, olives and pinenuts

• Green salad – Oakleaf and Mesculin with cucumber, grapes, capsicum and sprouts

• Kumara and green bean salad with a coconut and ginger dressing

• Roast pumpkin and couscous salad with coriander, raisins and almonds

• Greek Salad-cucumber, tomato, capsicum, olives and feta with a balsamic vinaigrette

• Spinach, strawberry and walnut salad with a walnut vinaigrette

• Pear, rocket, blue cheese, pecan and quince paste salad

• Soy-marinated brown rice salad with capsicum, nuts, raisins and lemon dressing

• Orzo and spice-roasted carrots with currants and almonds

• Dukkah-roasted pumpkin with Mesculin, hazelnuts, sundried tomato and feta

• Broccoli, spinach, avocado, cranberry and toasted almonds with sesame oil dressing

• Balsamic and brown sugar roasted vegetables served with Greek yoghurt

• Ruby red salad of beetroot, carrots, seeds and mint with an orange dressing




• Chocolate cups filled with dark chocolate mousse and berries

• Sweet pastry cases filled with lemon honey and garnished with fresh fruit

• Rosewater and pistachio meringues topped with whipped cream

• Cranberry and white chocolate Blondie slice

• Chocolate, raspberry and macadamia Brownie

• Shot glasses layered with raspberry, lemon honey and meringue

• Individual blueberry and lemon cheesecakes

• Seasonal fresh fruit salad / kebabs / platter