Finger Food Lunch Sample Menus

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Tortilla WrapsLarge Bread Items :

($6.00 each)
• Croissants filled with ham or chicken, Camembert, salad and cranberry sauce

• Roast beef in bread rolls with sun-dried tomato hummus, lettuce and caramelized onion

• Bacon and egg, basil pesto and roast vegetable bread rolls

• Pinwheel Scrolls stuffed with ham, apricot sauce, capsicum and cheese

• Hoisin chicken and Asian salad Tortilla wraps




Sandwiches and smaller bread items :

($2.50 each)
• Club Sandwiches :

  – Honey Mustard, Ham and Egg
  – Beef, Horseradish and Spinach
  – Chicken and Cranberry
  – Cream cheese, celery and walnut

• Ham, salad and capsicum bread roll ups

• Mini Croissant stuffed with cold meats, chutneys, salad and cheese($3.50)




Savoury :

($3.50 each)
• Thai Corn Cakes served with tomato relish or coriander guacamole
• Individual Pizzas :

   – Tomato passatta, salami, olives and cheese
   – Chicken, cranberry sauce and camembert
   – Pumpkin, caramelised onion and mozzarella

• Mushrooms filled with three cheeses, spinach and pinenuts

• Kumara baked and stuffed with cashews, zucchini, and capsicum ($4.00 each)

• Baby Potatoes stuffed with capsicum, cheese and herbs

• Roast kumara, pumpkin, feta and rosemary Frittatas topped with caramelised onion



Pastry :

($3.00 each)

• Filo Pastries filled with :

  – Cumin and Turmeric spiced vegetables
  – Pumpkin, spinach and cranberry
  – Ham, brie and chives

• Individual Quiches filled with :

  – Pumpkin, pesto and feta
  – Traditional bacon egg and caramelised onion

• Savoury pastry cases baked with roasted vegetables, pesto and brie




Meat Options

($3.50 each)

• Gingered chicken cakes with coriander lime mayonnaise
• Meatballs on skewers :

  – Sweet and sour beef with pineapple
  – Thai lemongrass and chili pork

• Soy marinated chicken and kumara kebabs

• Brown-sugar and soy-baked chicken drumsticks ($4.50)




Salads with a Difference. Served in individual china bowls :

($6.00 each. Minimum order – 10 serves per salad)

• Moroccan couscous with roast pumpkin, raisins and almonds

• Balsamic roasted vegetables with Greek yoghurt

• Orzo pasta salad with roasted carrots, currants and cashews

• Soy-marinated brown rice salad with nuts, raisins, capsicums and a lemon dressing

• Green lettuce salad -Mesculin, Oak-leaf, cucumber, grapes and sprouts with a sesame vinaigrette

• Dukkah-roasted pumpkin with spinach, sun-dried tomato, hazelnuts and feta

• Orange Kumara, blue cheese, salad greens and walnuts

• Spinach, broccoli, avocado, cranberry salad with a sesame dressing




Sweet :

($3.50 each)
• Lemon or passionfruit honey tartlets topped with fresh fruit

• Cranberry and white chocolate Blondie squares

• Dark chocolate and raspberry Brownie bites

• Fresh fruit kebabs / platter

• Glazed custard and fresh fruit tartlets

• Chocolate fudge slice

• Individual carrot cakes with cream cheese icing garnished with dried fruit and nuts

• Chocolate and hazelnut baby cakes topped with dark chocolate ganache

• Retro citrus and coconut slice

• Dried fruit and nut Bliss balls – no added sugar, dairy or chocolate



Hot Soup :

($12.00 per serving. Minimum order – 10 serves per soup)

All made to order and served with a freshly baked cheese scone (300ml cup).

• Leek, potato and green pea

• Curried Kumara and bacon

• Pumpkin, spice and coconut

• Carrot and caraway

• Chicken and creamed corn




Minimum order of 10 applies to some items.

Prices are GST exclusive

Most items can be adjusted for special diets. An extra charge of up to $2.00 per item may apply to cover cost of specialized ingredients.

Delivery and pickup fee of $18:00 for Hamilton city.