Gluten Free catering photos for all events and occasions from the kitchen of Kate’s Cuisine.


Serious Dark Chocolate Cake.jpgIMG_20170916_135212.jpgGluten Free cheese and herb scones.jpgGluten-free canape platter.jpgOrange Chocolate Mousse Cups.jpgChia and lemongrass puddings.jpgGluten Free pork and apple sausage rolls.jpgGluten Free Dairy Free Coconut Raspberry Drops.jpgCarrot Juice Cocktails (2).jpgPetite Sweet Treats.jpgAfternoon Tea Cakes.jpgRice Paper Rolls.jpgGluten Free Lemon Meringue Tart.jpgGluten Free Canapes.jpgGluten Free Avocado and Chocolate Mousse Cups.jpgMini Pizzas & Sundried Tomato Blinis.jpgLemon & Blueberry Cheesecake Shots.jpgGluten Free afternoon tea selection.jpgGluten Free Carrot Cakes & Glazed Fruit Tarts.jpgSushi cones.jpgRosewater and Pistachio Meringues 2.jpgPumpkin Rissotto Cakes.jpgDark Chocolate Mousse Cake.jpgRosewater and Pistachio Meringues.jpgChicken Roulades stuffed with dried fruit, nuts and spices.jpgChocolate and Coconut Fudge Slice - Gluten Free.jpgGlazed Berry Tarts - Gluten Free.jpgWalnut and Feta Cheesecake Bites.jpgPassionfruit and Mango Glazed Tarts - Gluten Free.jpgSDC10020.jpgGluten Free Muffins.jpgChocolate Orange Truffles.jpgAntipasto Platter.jpgGluten Free Thai Lemon Grass Pork Balls.jpgGluten Free Black Dorris and Almond Cake.jpgGluten Free Canopes.jpgchristmas cake2.jpgchristmas cake.jpgMoroccan Honey and Mint Cake.jpgSDC10027.jpgSDC10026.jpgSDC10018small.jpgSDC10011small.jpgSDC10013small.jpgSDC10100.jpgSDC10092.jpgSDC10090.jpgSDC10081.jpgSDC10073.jpgSDC10069.jpgSDC10062.jpgSDC10005.jpgbrownie1.jpgSDC10064.jpgSDC10060.jpgSDC10061.jpgSDC10059.jpgSDC10057.jpg