Morning and Afternoon Tea Sample Menu

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Summer Berry MuffinsSavoury


• Savoury pinwheel Scrolls- spiced apricot sauce, ham, herbs, capsicum and cheese

• Fresh baked savoury scones topped with chutney and brie

• Cheddar, sundried tomato and chorizo scones

• Savoury pastries filled with :

  – Pumpkin, pesto and feta– Bacon and egg with caramelised red onion






• Mini croissants filled with ham, honey mustard, cheese and lettuce

• Club Sandwich selection : 

  – Beef, horseradish and spinach
– Honey mustard, ham, and egg
– Celery, cream cheese, pineapple and walnut




• Individual pizzas :

  – Chicken, cranberry and camembert
– Tomato passatta, pumpkin, pesto, sundried tomato and mozzarella




• Filo pastries filled with :

  – Cumin and turmeric-spiced vegetables
– Pumpkin, cranberry and spinach



• Bacon-wrapped cheese Kransky sausages

• Vietnamese rice paper rolls filled with chicken, mango and salad

• Freshly-made sushi selection (two pp)

• Pastry Galettes topped with caramelised onion, tomato, olives and pesto




• Sweet Scones topped with raspberry jam and whipped cream

• Pastry cases filled with :

  – Lemon honey and fruit
– Pecan, cranberry and white chocolate
– Frangipane and berries




• Sweet muffin Selection :

  – Black Doris plum and white chocolate
– Peach and almond
– Triple berry mix




• Fresh fruit platters / kebabs

• Chocolate and raspberry Brownie bites

• Individual cupcakes – Carrot with cream cheese icing, Black Doris plum and almond, Chocolate and hazelnut

• Pinwheel scrolls filled with brown sugar, spices and nuts

• A selection of slices – Lemon and coconut, Ginger and pistachio crunch, Sesame, cashew and raisin, Chocolate fudge, Flaked almond on a pastry base

• A large cake to share – Spiced apple, Plum and almond, Carrot with cream cheese icing, German apple and raspberry jam cake
( minimum of 10 people- $5.00 pp)




All prices are GST exclusive

• One savoury and one sweet item $8.00 pp
• One savoury, one sweet and fruit kebab or platter $11.50 pp

$3.50 for each additional item

Tea and coffee service is available on request

Most items can be adjusted for special diets. An extra charge of up to $2.00 per item may apply to cover the cost of specialised ingredients.